Flexline is proud to offer CL Series Chlorine Transfer hose assemblies. Each and every CL assembly is material lot traceable, it is subjected to stringent quality checks throughout the assembly process, and it is permanently identifiable per the Chlorine Institute Specification. All CL assemblies are pressure tested to 2x the operating pressure with nitrogen gas under water, they are then cleaned thoroughly, dried and assigned a unique serial number to each end for further traceability.  

Applications: Chlorine, Bromine, Sodium hydroxide, Sodium hypochlorite, Sulfuric and hydrochloric acids.

Temperature Range: -40⁰F to 120⁰F continuous service

Hose Construction:

Inner Tube: One piece low profile seamless PTFE tube

Reinforcement: Two high tensile braids of PVDF

Cover: Thick strand braided abrasion resistant PVDF (Kynar)

Fitting Construction:

Standard construction is Schedule 80 Monel Hex MPT with 1” wide wrench flats, or Schedule 80 Monel stub end with epoxy coated carbon steel floating lap joint flange

Hastelloy fittings available for wet chlorine applications

PVDF (Kynar) fittings available

Part # ID Avg OD Avg MAWP PSI Burst PSI Min Bend Radius
8CLxxxMKY .50″ 1.0″ 500 2500 2.50″
16CLxxxMKY 1.0″ 1.625″ 375 1875 8.0″
24CLxxxMKY 1.5″ 2.125″ 375 1875 10.0″