Flexline is the most dependable and one of the largest manufacturers of stainless steel hose assemblies. We manufacture a full range of flexible metal hose and metal hose assemblies in sizes 3/16” ID  to 24” ID. Flexline’s engineered system assures our customers of uniform quality. Our welding personnel, procedures, and processes meet exacting specifications and codes. 


QUALITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY – Flexline manufactures and tests 100% all of our stainless steel metal hoses. We have consistent quality and traceability.

LONG SERVICE LIFE – Flexline’s corrugated metal hose is designed to withstand the rigors of real world conditions. We have designed each metal hose assembly to deliver long service life.

FAST DELIVERY – Flexline delivers stainless steel hose assemblies fast. We can manufacture test and ship your order the same day it is ordered.

EXPERT STAFF – Our technical support personnel, field sales engineers, welders, set up personnel, welders, test personnel and QC personnel are expert, and will specify the right product for your application.

GUARANTEE – Flexline guarantee’s our metal hose assemblies. We guarantee our workmanship and the quality of our materials. If a problem arises we will refund your purchase or provide you with new assemblies.*

Fast Our turnaround time is exceptional! Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to ship orders within a day.

Responsible Our hose assemblies withstand the rigors of real world conditions.

Quality Our assemblies are made in accordance with ISO 10380 and NAHAD standards. We have been certified to CSA-B51-09 Annex F. In addition we have an AS7202 quality program.

Cost-effective We specialize in customizing the most cost-effective solution for your application. Our assemblies save you money throughout the application’s lifetime.

Professional We helped develop NAHAD’s Metal Hose Assembly Specification Guidelines. With over 7 decades of experience, Flexline is a national authority on metal hose assemblies.

Accountable We are the assembly manufacturer. All of our assemblies are traceable and guaranteed. If a problem develops, we will work with you to fix it.

Expert Flexline’s specialists provide expert product, application, and installation recommendations. Our customers will receive the right assembly for their application.

Guaranteed Flexline guarantees its metal hose assemblies. We guarantee the workmanship and quality of our materials. If you are not satisfied, Flexline will refund your purchase or provide you with new assemblies.*